Sustainable . Stylish . Functional

MaisoNovo is a Brooklyn based, women led small business that brings sustainable living to your homes with style. Our mission is to create modern, minimalist, and functional designs that help organize your home in a tasteful, eco-friendly way.

Our Mission

We believe in sustainability and having the power to change the world through simple, daily actions. We are on a mission to make a positive change to our planet earth by reducing waste and changing our consumption. We aim to inspire people to live consciously and embrace a zero-waste lifestyle.

MaisoNovo is a LGBT women owned business that celebrates diversity and highlights underrepresented communities in business.

The materials sourced for our products were local to the region where they were manufactured and made under the ISO1400 environmental standard.

All MaisoNovo products are designed in Brooklyn, New York and responsibly sourced around the world.

Our products are made from recycled/upcycled materials - including recycled plastics, upcycled bamboo sawdust, recycled glass, and recycled fabrics

The makers and artisans employed to make our products were paid a living wage and provided safe and healthy working conditions.

MaisoNovo products are made with earth-friendly and responsibly harvested raw materials that are intentionally designed to create minimal environmental impact.