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Beautiful & stylish. Great product. Looks super high quality & holds more than I expected! The labels are beautiful but were a little tricky to get on perfectly straight. The packaging was superb & I love that they included a funnel! I bought quite a few of these and have them peppered all over my home.


Favorite piece is the plastic bottle. I really like the look of glass but don’t want it near my shower. They are pretty easy to fill up, I didn’t even really need the funnel, but it was nice to have in case.

Emily F

These work great in our bathroom and love the labels so the kids know what is what.

M. Howell

Love these!! And I love that they provided multiple labels for you to choose and switch!!! I will be purchasing more! Exactly as pictured!


obsessed with this brands labeling & sophisticated look of their products! The dispensers are great quality and the sturdiness of the holders are great and long lasting. The installation was fast and I know they won’t be falling anytime soon. Easy assembly and overall an amazing product! Definitely recommend. Feels like I’m in a hotel in my own home!

Rhianna Bliss

Love these bottles! You have to put the stickers on yourself, but the overall look is exactly what I was looking for!


Now my bathroom look’s like a spa.


When you choose MaisoNovo,
you're making an impact for the future of our planet – while doing it in style.

We make it easy for you. Each of our products is designed to be reusable, refillable,
recyclable and compostable.

Amber Foaming Glass Dispensers & Concrete Tray
Sale price $39.70 Regular price $45.00
Clear Wall Mounted Dispensers | Set of 3
Sold Out
Herb Garden Regrow Pods | Set of 4
Sold Out
Mini Spray Bottles | Set of 4
Sale price $17.00 Regular price $19.75
White Glass Dispensers with Gold Pumps & Concrete Tray

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